You’ve Got to See Kansas City’s To-Go Dog Wash!

Not much beats finding exactly what you need at exactly the moment you need it. Such is the case in how I discovered Bubbles Mobile Dog Wash — and my life will never be the same.

Ogilvy, my Great Dane, is a big fan of wandering the Shawnee Mission Park off-leash area. And by “wandering,” I mean that all 135 pounds of him is rolling in “dirt,” sprinting as fast as his legs can handle and crash landing when one of the smaller dogs gets tangled in his feet. He makes the most of our weekend trips to the park — and I pay the price for it with a filthy puppy to take home.

He had no idea what he was in store for when I spotted the dog wash truck set up at the end of the parking lot. Let that sink in — Kansas City has a dog wash truck.

Bubbles Mobile Dog Wash owner Linda Mills-Toombs was happy to help clean him up after his morning of fun in the park. And I was thrilled to let her. My big guy loves a good shower, but he’s never been walked up a ramp, leashed to a wall or scrubbed by a stranger — so in addition to having a great training opportunity, I was going to have a clean dog to put in the car.

What Linda did was nothing shy of magic. She sweetly helped coax him up the ramp then petted and talked to him like he was one of her own. After giving him a quick drinking from the sprayer, she scrubbed, sudsed and scrubbed more — ultimately landing him a solid 10-15 minute bath. When she was done, she dried him with microfiber towels and helped as we bribed him back down the ramp.

He’s never smelled sweeter or looked more shiny. Some of the smaller dog owners pointed out that “this must be great for you!” And at that point, I realized that it really was. Ogilvy doesn’t fit in a sink, or stay where you put him for that matter. The convenience of washing him in a contained bath stall that’s his size beat our usual backyard shenanigans tenfold.

The experience was well worth the $10 for self-serve washing or $15 for full service. Gentle giants like Ogi are an extra $5 — which isn’t bad at all considering the sheer glory of using a clean shower space that actually fits a dog his size. We even made some small dog friends as we wrapped up — emphasizing that this really is a service for everyone.

After nearly a week since our first wash truck experience, my buddy is still looking clean and still smelling good. But who am I to deny him a nice spa moment? He’s already looking forward to our next park trip — and I’m looking forward to a perfectly clean car afterward.