Hiding Out at Hi Hat Coffee

Hi Hat Coffee is one of those curious places I’ve driven by time and time again only to say to myself, “dang it, I need to remember to go there.” With KC Local Week on the horizon — and more specifically Cup of Joe Day that goes with it — I put the teensie shop at the top of my must-see list and dragged my mom along for the adventure.

Tucked quietly at the edge of a few shops in Westwood Hills, Hi Hat looks like something out of a fairy tale. One part ginger bread and two parts gnome hideaway, it’s the perfect creative escape for your morning mug. Or mid-morning mug. Afternoon cup (or two or three). And, because it closes at 6, you can even get an early evening Joe there.

It’s shaded by beautiful trees. But where the sun does hit, you can find a perfectly placed patio umbrella to create an amazing outdoor retreat.

Despite the growing crowd outside, we were able to slip straight into the small shop and immediately order our caffeine just the way we each liked it. Mine: an iced Hi Hat custom blend black. Mom’s: a vanilla café latte. Of course, the menu seemed to roll on for days in a wild and crazy ransom note style that felt as though it could blow away or magically change should anyone dare to sneeze.


The coffee was perfectly fine. Easy to drink with good flavor. But it was the atmosphere of this amazing shop that will keep me coming back. The ladies behind the counter greeted and chatted with each and every face. Kids ducked under the door frame while riding in on shoulders. Dogs laid leashed on the patio at their human’s feet. It was a beautifully relaxed and utterly perfect place in a world of chaos — complete with it’s very own dash of odd charm.

One Shop Won’t Do It?

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