Trick-or-Treat Safety Guide

We’re creeping in on the sweetest family holiday of the year – Halloween! The Buy Sell Live KC household loves decorating our porch, plugging in some creepy lights and wearing costumes as trick-or-treaters flood the neighborhood.

Will your family be hitting the streets to collect candy this year? If so, we’ve found a few quick tips for ensuring everyone stays safe – even if tricks are all around!

  • Avoid walking alone.
    Even adults should coordinate a group and stay with it. Remind your kids of the importance of staying close to family and friends while in costume.
  • Use a unique costume detail on kids.
    Add a unique detail to your kids’ costumes so that you can easily identify who and where they are! Something like a bright colored candy bag, special hair bow or armband can help to recognize them quickly when needed.
  • Avoid monograms and kids’ names on bags.
    Making your child’s name so easily accessible can make them a target for strangers and predators acting as someone familiar. Keep their identities a mystery and warn them about leaving their trick-or-treat group without the permission of a trusted adult.
  • Keep costume weapons soft, short and flexible.
    Most aren’t allowed in schools – but anything too long or crazy can be cumbersome and dangerous while walking around the neighborhood.
  • Use reflective tape to help drivers see you at night.
    Stick to crosswalks and sidewalks. Take advantage of reflective or light up running shoes on kids and adults. Or, add some creative reflective and glowing accessories of your own to make sure you can be seen!
  • Take a flashlight.
    Even in the dim evening, a flashlight can help to light sidewalks and steps in areas that get a lot of shade!
  • Check candy, treats and toys when you get home.
    Check that candies are wrapped and free of allergy ingredients. Also look closely at toys and gifts for small or broken parts that may be dangerous.
  • Look for porch lights.
    Most homes that are distributing candy will have adults outside or porch lights lit. Avoid visiting homes that are clearly not accepting visitors. If lights are off, it’s unlikely that anyone will answer.

What tips do you have for trick-or-treat safety? Any ideas specific to Kansas City or your neighborhood? We’d love to hear them – message us on Facebook!